UPDATE: 7 days to get £20,000

With a week to go, we've got an update on the state of play for the Save The Ploughshare project.

You'll see if you look on the updated Crowdfunder page, that we are currently (at time of writing) sitting around the £40,000 raised mark from the current share offer. This is a brilliant figure, but with a week to go is some distance away from the target figure of £100,000.

But not all is lost - and here's why. The overall target figure of £100,000 has £20,000 of refurbishment money built into it. That's money that won't be needed to buy the pub, but will be used as a fund to do it up when it's ours. So, if you knock that £20,000 off the total, we still need another £40,000 to get where we need to be to be able to buy the pub.

Here's where it gets juicy - we've been told that we can get £20,000 of matched funding should we raise another £20,000. So, it's as simple as this really: if we raise £20,000 in the next week, we'll unlock another £20k of funding and we'll be able to buy back The Ploughshare.

Remember, time is of the essence. We only have a week because the grant funding that we currently have has to be used within a set amount of time before we lose it.

So we need £20,000 in a week. Let's do it!


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