Ploughshare Planning Application

3rd July 2017

Save Beeston Ploughshare Beeston Community Enterprises Ltd. Ploughshare Planning Application Many of you will now be aware that the owner submitted a new planning application in mid- May. This application has two key points:

  • To reduce the size of the pub so that the village would be left with a pub approximately half the size it is now.

  • The function room would be demolished.

  • The Kitchen pushed back into the Tap Room.

  • The Mens toilets are moved into the snug.

  • The Ladies toilets are moved into a room that currently is a private downstairs kitchen.

  • Parking for 17 cars. (6 for the three houses)

  • To build a terrace of three cottages in the carpark

Beeston Community Enterprises Committee has studied the proposal carefully and concluded that we will oppose the proposal in the strongest way we can. We believe the planning proposal to have serious flaws:

  1. The pub would be too small to be viable and therefore BCE would not wish to be involved with a smaller pub. We not be able to include a shop or coffee area.

  2. Car parking would be a serious issue and would impact on residents in the street. We cannot support a change to the pub which would have a negative impact on neighbours.

  3. The application is not in line with national planning policy guidelines under DC18

  4. Beeston is a Breckland Council designated service village and any development must ensure viable assets are maintained.

  5. There is currently an Asset of Community Value in place until 2020 which has been granted by Breckland Council for the pub in its current size.

  6. A development of this nature is not in keeping with the village.

  7. The development would mean houses overlooking neighbouring gardens thereby destroying their privacy.

  8. There are known to be bats present in the vicinity of the Ploughshare, probably living in the Ploughshare function room roof space.

  9. There are known to be a colony of Great Crested Newts (a protected species) living in ponds nearby the Ploughshare and a development of this nature could destroy them.

We would ask all residents to object to this planning application by visiting Planning 3PL/2017/0676/F or Then follow the link to planning and look for planning application 3PL/2017/0676/FYour objection can be posted directly on to the website or by writing to The Planning Department, Breckland Council, Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke, Dereham, NR19 1EE.Thank you for supporting our campaign to Save The Ploughshare as a Community Pub.

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