Ploughing On!

Progress Update

1) Electricity supply was reconnected Monday 18th March. This means we can now test electrical equipment within the pub and that the boiler is ok.

2) Dehumidifiers are arriving Tuesday 19th March, so we can start drying the pub out over the next few days and then look to start redecorating, with help from volunteers.

3) 2 new external doors have been ordered (front entrance and car park), which will make the pub more secure and look more professional.

4) 2 new windows have been ordered to replace the rotten ones at the end of the restaurant.

5) A presentation to Breckland Council for an additional £20k grant took place Monday 18th March and hope to hear back soon as to whether we were successful or not.

6) We can potentially get a grant of up to £3k towards our coffee room from Pub is the Hub.  Quotes for equipment, refurb costs need to be sent to them along with supporting letters from villagers, for them to then decide if we are successful or not.

7) Volunteers have been working hard on the following:

- Tidying the patio area and painting the fenceScraping the ceiling and beams in the tap room, treating the wood ready for the ceiling to be re-boarded.

- Beeston Brewery will then go in and complete the tap room refurbishment.

- Cleaning interior walls of mould so once walls have dried they’ll be ready to repaint.

- Fixing all the pipe leaksFixing loose tiles on roof.

8) A new committee member David Maidstone has been appointed as Treasurer/Financial Controller.  He is a retired accountant and comes with a wealth of experience that we welcome to the committee. 

9) Sam Boston will now be Information Officer.

10) Thank you too all those who took part in 'Host a Roast', we're in the process of collecting the raised funds, with over £400 raised so far and more to come.

11) Ploughshare Fundraiser – BBQ at the Ploughshare on the Easter Saturday to raise more funds for the refurbishment. More information to come.

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