Campaign Update 17th May 2016

The ‘Save the Ploughshare Pub’ campaign continues to gain momentum. Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire - around 250 were distributed and so far we have received 65 responses.

Everyone who took part was very positive about our village having a pub, they were also very keen to see a shop and café and maybe a part time Post Office within The Ploughshare. Seemingly weekday evenings and Sunday lunch were the most popular times to enjoy snacks, bar meals or restaurant food at the pub, and many were keen to reinstate a BBQ night.

If there was a shop or café on site, over 70% of respondents said they would visit between once and 3 times a week, 62% said they would use the pub for food and drink between once and 3 times a week … this is all really positive information.

Even though an initial report has been completed, if you haven’t had a chance to complete your questionnaire as yet, please take a minute to do so and drop it in to one of the collectors. Alternatively the link to an online version is on the ‘Save Beeston Ploughshare Pub’ facebook page.

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